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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remodeled Homes Fabulous Home Decor

Fabulous Home Decor. I have built and remolded many homes in my lifetime. Of course everyone pretty wants the same thing. A open floor concept, a island in their kitchen, a pantry with lots of shelving, crown molding everywhere, french doors, hardwood floors, extra space in the attic, nice tile in the bathrooms with decorative vanities and lighting, and of course recessed lights. These are the standards, whether you go modern or contemporary.

Purchasing a New Home

When searching for a new home to purchase while on a budget, you may want to focus on the bare necessities. Narrow down the things you can live with and the things you can't live without. Do you need a finished basement? How about the neighborhood, do you have kids? is there a school nearby? Do you do a lot of cooking? If so a operational kitchen may be what your sold on. If you have kids think about your yard space, front and back. I wouldn't get caught up in cosmetic issues like painting and wall papaer in the house because of course those things can easily be changed.

Hardwood Floors Professional Home Decor

Professional Home Decor. A nice living room with hardwood floors I think is the best option for the space. Think about the football game when everyone is drinking beer and eating Cheetos and sandwiches where things may get a little messy. If you had gorgeous carpet in their you would be devastated or be spending a lot of your time cleaning up after all of the accidental spills, while missing the game. Get hardwood, and get a Swiffer Sweeper and enjoy. The bedroom is where you want the carpet in my opinion, who wants to step out of bed in the middle of the night onto a cold floor, especially during the winter.


I love a open concept kitchen with granite counter tops and lighting in the cabinets. It's great to be able to see through to the living room and dining area. A farmhouse sink with a nice big window really adds a wow factor to your kitchen. I absolutely love a house with a nice sized basement for entertaining and of course a bar! An on-suite for the master bedroom is awesome, heated floors, and double sinks with a large shower really adds a lot of character.

Redecorating Sensual Home Decor

What's the most important space in your home that you would like to redecorate? Where do you spend most of your time? You should start there. With a couple of DIY jobs and some money you can have the home of your dreams. Cosmetic work like wallpaper and paint goes a long way when redecorating, paired with a few finishing touches like pillows, side tables, and all kinds of refurbished furniture (or new) adds a personal style that you can be proud of.

Home Design Competition!

There is a home design magazine called Westchester Home. It holds competitions for home design, decor, and many other categories. The nominating committee includes faculty at the New York School of Interior Design. I'm not sure what the prize is for the winner / winners but if you would like to sign up for next years competition click here.

Tiny House! Significant Home Decor

Signivicant home decor. You gotta check out Tiny House Nation! There tiny houses built on trailers and these things are actually loaded. They have small kitchens, bathrooms with composting toilets, amazing storage, loft's, bedrooms, etc. there really amazing. You can also find more tiny homes by googleing "tumbleweed tiny homes". Serious living on a budget, and may I add living happy, sometimes off the grid, and financial freedom. I'm not so sure where you park these things though, in someone's backyard maybe? If you choose to park it a trailer park doesn't that defeat the purpose of "on a budget"? Trailer parks cost about $1,000 per month, at that price couldn't you just rent an apartment?

Living Rooms

Improve your home's beauty and functionality using interior design trends, window drapery, designer rugs, and artful walls. Think about the layout of the room in coordination with your color palette. Interior paint with an open floor concept can go terribly wrong if you choose too many colors. Nice baseboards, crown molding, and beautiful trim for your windows make a gorgeous interior design.

Bathrooms Unbelievable Home Decor

Unbelievable home decor. People probably need their bathroom remodeled more than any other room in the house. An upgrade to your bathroom really makes it feel more clean and relaxing. When selecting materials be sure to maximize the space by picking out the correct size sink, toilet, and tub and or shower. Once you pick your sizes set your creative minds free with your design and color.

DIY Island

If you have the room in your kitchen and you want to add a Island, good news, they can be purchased ready to go! This would make the installation fairly easy. Kitchens now a days are used for more than just cooking, it's a great space to entertain and we all could use the extra counter top space and storage.

Pantries and Closets Detailed Home Decor

Detailed home decor. If your a homeowner you probably know the importance of closet space and a pantry in your kitchen. All it takes is to knock out a wall in a corner of an adjacent room. Designing your closet and pantry can be quite easy. You can get customized shelving built or simply head down to Home Depot or Lowe's to pick up a prefab storage system. Finished trim and baseboards beautifies the space and a little paint and elegant light fixtures go a long way. Sliding doors and pocket doors really work well with these projects and they maximize the space inside and out.

Home Design

Change your surroundings in your home by thinking outside of the box. Are tired of coming home to the "same ol" designs" and "set ups"? It's not that hard to satisfy your craving for immaculate interior, a couple of pillows, some paint, rearranging furniture to make a certain space more usable, a couple of DIY projects, or if you have the money pay some to do the little things a little at a time; make a project out of it.

Finished Basement Elegant Home Decor

Elegant home decor. Most new houses don't have finished basements, but this gives you the opportunity to come up with a unique design that's very comfortable. Really take the time to think about what you really want for your basement because you might not have room for everything you might want. You may want a gym, or a bar, or a home theater room, a wine cellar, a fireplace, etc. there are many options, and being hands on with your renovations can be very fun!

Attic Renovations

Not much room in your house for all of your needs? You finished your basement, made storage under the stairs, maximized the space in your kitchen and living room but you still need more space. An addition on your house is a great idea and the limit is the sky when add on an addition but that can be very pricey. So where can you get the space you need at an affordable price? How about your attic. I mean even if it is a crawl space; it's still a space, I've seen people put a nice little office in their attic. Which makes sense if all your going to be doing is sitting down at a desk doing your work. Now if you have more height in your attic then of course you have more options for your design.

Professional Designed Homes Vibrant Home Decor

Vibrant home decor. Professional designed homes hit the market at amazing costs but well worth it. People actually live like this, you may be jealous of these newly designed homes but I think it serves as motivation for the American dream. The thing is that you can actually achieve these amazing designs by focusing on one room piece by piece. A Slowly but surely attitude will get you where you need to be for the new year. 

Clutter Turned To Organization

Clutter is really hard to get rid of. I think the key is to not think about it when that time comes. Over thinking can cause frustration when it comes to organizing. My suggestion is to keep in mind your vision of your finished product and how it can cause your everyday living to be more simplistic. You will definitely struggle with figuring out what to throw out and what to keep, but the struggle is well worth it, haven't you seen the show on t.v. called hoarders!

The Living Room Elegant Home Decor

Elegant Home Decor. My favorite room in a house is definitely the living room. It's where I spend majority of my time watching t.v. browsing the internet, reading and writing. If you have your living room and dining room essentially in the same room a nice floral rug is a really good way to seperate the space. Colorful blankets and pillows also help to define the space while adding a warm feel.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prints and Patterns

Adding character to your home without it seeming forced can easily be achieved by adding a lot ethnic prints in patterns that reflect items in nature. Using art and furniture like side tables helps to really bring in patters that might contrast with the fabrics. Start with one piece of fabric like a pillow as a reference to pick more textiles to make the room pop.

DIY Project

It's really hard to find the perfect house but if your a DIYer you can see the potential in the space you have to work with. Refurbishing old furniture can be a fun project that can save you a lot of money if your on a budget. If your a newbie to DIY projects but are interested in seeing what you can come up with start with a small project first. It can be something simple like cutting, sanding and staining some old wood (or you can use new wood you bought) to use as a small side table or maybe some shelving.